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The Drazen Petrovic website is for the person whether young or old, amateur or professional who wishes to learn more about basketball in the US. Whether you want to become a pro player or just want to enjoy playing hoops with your friends in the hood, this is where you are going to learn all that it takes to get the most out of this sport. This platform was created in memory of the legend himself, Croatian Drazen Petrovic, who despite having a very short career achieved what most basketball players haven’t been able to achieve in their entire professional lives.

Building on the successful background of this legend and the values he instilled in basketball, this website will highlight various topical issues in the field of basketball from how to successfully play basketball in the US at both college and professional level, issues of sports betting and how basketball betting is impacting the game as well as what the lifting of the US Sports Betting BAN means for sports in this country.

We look forward to interacting and sharing experiences with you for the betterment of each and every one on this platform.

Let’s play ball!

John Nicholson

Founder – Drazen Petrovic