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There are people who are born with a natural ability to play basketball whereas others build this skill over time and grow to become really good players. There are others who are born with the gift of imparting these basketball skills on young people who end up becoming very good professionals later in life. Well, this is why the Drazen Petrovic platform exists, so that we can bring together this community of basketball enthusiasts to help grow this sport.

The Drazen Petrovic website is for the person whether young or old, amateur or professional who wishes to learn more about basketball in the US. Whether you want to become a pro player or just want to enjoy playing hoops with your friends in the hood, this is where you are going to learn all that it takes to get the most out of this sport.

Our team will highlight various topical issues in the field of basketball from how to successfully play basketball in the US at both college and professional level, issues of sports betting and how basketball betting is impacting the game as well as what the lifting of the US Sports Betting BAN means for sports in this country. We therefore welcome you to make this platform interactive by becoming a contributor through sharing your own thoughts, comments or ideas regarding our topics of discussion.

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