"Retirement of Drazen's jersey #3"


Derrick Coleman and Chuck Daly carrying Drazen's jersey.
he 1993. NBA season just started, but New Jersey had to say goodbye. It was a magnificent and unforgettable night in the Meadowlands Arena where the Nets said goodbye to Drazen Petrovic - and thank you.

The ceremony started with Derrick Coleman and Chuck Daly carrying Drazen's jersey to the middle of the court where they were awaited by Drazen's family, friends, the players and people from the Nets.

Chuck Daly's opening words:
Thank you very much for your attendance this evening. I don't know if you can put in the words what Drazen meant to this club, both emotionally, physically and in every way. I guess all of us will always remember what we just saw on the screen. That smile, that emotion, a competitiveness, and above all from the basketball stand point - the shot! We'll never forget.

Among the stars...
Drazen respected other players. He worked very hard on improving his defense. For all European players defense is their biggest problem, but Drazen resolve it with hard work. He love the game, and had a great desire for winning. His combination of defense and phenomenal offense become a real problem for his opponents. He could have been one of the greatest.
- Phil Jackson, Chicago Bulls Head Coach 1990-1998.

I have never seen any pro or amateur player work as hard. He's the consummate pro in commitment and dedication.
- Tom Newell, NJ Nets Assistant Coach

He is no more with us. But I really think that he is still with us, because we remember every day. I remember every time I see a basketball game that Drazen Petrovic was an example for all the young players in Europe. For me, he was the all time best basketball player in Europe.
- Huan Antonio Samaranch, Olympic Committee Commissioner

I think that everyone in the NBA recognized what a phenomenal player and particularly a shooter he was. His shoot was just dramatic and he shut at the range we normally don't even look at, or even closer now. He would have been probably one of the top ten scorers in the league and easily the leading shooter from that range.
- Chuck Daly, Detroit Pistons, NJ Nets

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Drazen, I thought, was one of the purest shooters in the NBA. and he played very well against Houston Rockets. One game, with a very good defender on him, he scored 44 points against us. I thought he had a great heart, great desire, and he played like he loved the game.
- Rudy Tomjanovich, Houston Rockets Head Coach

I think that I have never seen a guy who wanted to be as good as him, or as work as hard. First of all I think that he has been a tremendous influence on what has happened to basketball. He really was the first European player to come to the NBA and become 3rd team All NBA.
- Willis Reed, Senior Vice President at New Jersey Nets

He had a great shot from three point land, and he could also penetrate and make passes. He was a quite a player on his way of being an All star. We all miss him dearly, he was a great young man. I really enjoy getting to know Drazen.
- Clyde Drexler, Houston Rockets