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Negative effects of betting in basketball in the US


The ban on sports betting that had been in place in the United States had lasted at least 25 years before the Supreme Court recently declared it unconstitutional and overturned it. It’s important to note that this new ruling by the Supreme Court has declared open season on sport betting on professional, college and any other sporting event you can think of. People bet on multiple different sports, each country has its preference, for example the British people prefer horse racing and when its race season searches like wolverhampton betting get very popular.

Whereas our team at Drazen Petrovic acknowledges that sports betting has some good benefits on professional sports, we must be cognizant of the potential negative effects it may have on college sports such as basketball in the US.

We are therefore going to look at four negative effects of betting in basketball in the US.

It will negatively impact the integrity of the game

Even when it was illegal, basketball betting had negatively impacted the integrity of the game of basketball in the US as a result of students or coaches throwing games in favor of some sports bettors because of the promise of money. This therefore meant that a number of students would not perform to their full potential or coaches would give misleading strategies to their teams hence soiling the game.

ncaa - Negative effects of betting in basketball in the US

Potential loss of career opportunity

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) which is the official body that regulates athletics across the different colleges and other institutions across the United States takes integrity of sports very seriously therefore imposes very hefty penalties on college athletes caught cheating. Such penalties include a ban on players from ever going professional thus ending careers before they even start.

The problem of addiction

Problem gambling is a big mental health issue in the United States and college athletes as well as regular students haven’t been spared from falling victim. The rush that comes from sports betting especially when the stakes are high quickly leads to addiction because most of these kids never know how to identify the tell-tale signs early.

Loss of morals

A number of things associated with sports betting whether at college level or at professional level include lose morals. When people make too much money quickly, and its money they haven’t had to work hard for, they are likely to spend it on drugs, alcohol and illicit sexual activities. These are cases that are all too common which have resulted in people ending up on the wrong side of the law.

Whereas the lifting of the ban on gambling by the Supreme Court was a welcomed move, there is a need to follow through on the Court’s recommendation that the Federal Government should prioritize coming up with policy to regulate these activities, policies that can then be cascaded to states. With better policies, we can be able to reduce some of these negative effects that gambling comes with.

Here are 4 interesting benefits of sports betting

running player

So, the United States Supreme Court recently made a land mark ruling by overturning the federal ban on gambling and termed it as an unconstitutional move. This has been a topic that elicited a lot of debate from different stakeholders with some strongly calling for the ban to remain in place and others insisting that it should be lifted.  This is a significant ruling because the ban had been in place for 25 years.

Whereas the Supreme Court made this decision on constitutional grounds, our team at Drazen Petrovic believes the lifting of this ban was timely and through this article, we’ll look at 4 interesting benefits of sports betting.

money - Here are 4 interesting benefits of sports betting

It’s an opportunity to earn income

We all know that legal or illegal, gambling is a multibillion dollar industry and responsible for some of the most recent entrants into the millionaire’s club. In as much as wins in sports betting are never a guarantee, there are numerous people earning a decent living from sports betting from the gamblers themselves, to the staff these companies employ and the different sports teams that they sponsor.

It’s technically not gambling

Whereas many laymen assume sports betting is a game of chance just like any other gambling game you would play in a casino, this can’t be further from the truth. Sports betting require a lot of skill and strategy which is gained from plenty of research. It’s more about making an intelligent prediction based on facts and statistics and not simply making a guess.

arena - Here are 4 interesting benefits of sports betting

It raises the stakes in sports

It’s no secret that sports fans will always feel much invested in their sports teams and that’s why both wins and losses spur a lot of positive and negative emotions respectively. These emotions are usually doubled and even tripled when sports betting is concerned because the person has become financially invested. When the stakes are raised this high, the experience becomes more fun and exciting.

dunk - Here are 4 interesting benefits of sports betting

It raises the level of satisfaction

As we mentioned earlier, sports betting is not a game of chance and it requires a lot of facts and a good strategy if one is to be able to register regular wins. It’s about being able to make an intelligent prediction and this can be a very rewarding feeling. Most people who are successful in sports betting don’t just feel good because of the money but mainly because their skills have been proven to be true.

Whichever side of the discourse you are as far as the lifting of the ban on sports betting is concerned you should be willing to acknowledge that sports betting can be a good thing as long as it’s properly regulated.