Negative effects of betting in basketball in the US


The ban on sports betting that had been in place in the United States had lasted at least 25 years before the Supreme Court recently declared it unconstitutional and overturned it. It’s important to note that this new ruling by the Supreme Court has declared open season on sport betting on professional, college and any other sporting event you can think of. People bet on multiple different sports, each country has its preference, for example the British people prefer horse racing and when its race season searches like wolverhampton betting…

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Here are 4 interesting benefits of sports betting

running player

So, the United States Supreme Court recently made a land mark ruling by overturning the federal ban on gambling and termed it as an unconstitutional move. This has been a topic that elicited a lot of debate from different stakeholders with some strongly calling for the ban to remain in place and others insisting that it should be lifted.  This is a significant ruling because the ban had been in place for 25 years. Whereas the Supreme Court made this decision on constitutional grounds, our team at Drazen Petrovic believes…

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